2011-12-08 Market update – Evergreen Energy

2011-11-23 Results of Meeting

2011-11-23 Chairmans Address to Shareholders

2011-10-31 September Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-10-31 September Quarterly Activities Report

2011-10-25 Annual Report

2011-10-21 Notice of 2011 AGM

2011-10-06 Completion of sale of iron ore assets to OneSteel

2011-10-05 Announcement of Dividend

2011-10-04 Results of GM

2011-10-04 Chairmans presentation to General Meeting 4 October 2011

2011-10-04 Chairmans Address to General Meeting 4 October 2011

2011-10-03 Termination of JV with WISCO at Hawks Nest

2011-09-29 Appendix 3Y

2011-09-29 2011 Financial Report

2011-09-23 General Meeting 4 October 2011

2011-09-21 Appendix 3B and 3Y

2011-09-15 Penrhyn coal can be upgraded to export quality

2011-09-14 Notice of initial substantial holder

2011-09-12 Amended Securities Trading and Trading Windows Policy

2011-09-08 Exercise of Options

2011-09-02 Notice of 4 October 2011 General Meeting

2011-08-25 Encouraging results from Penrhyn coal upgrading testwork

2011-08-22 WPG to sell iron ore assets to OneSteel for $346 million

2011-08-11 Completion of purchase of land in Port Pirie

2011-08-08 Completion of coal drilling program at Lochiel North

2011-07-29 June Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-07-29 June Quarterly Activities Report

2011-07-21 Presentation to Australian Stockbrokers Association

2011-07-18 First long term iron ore contract signed

2011-07-15 Buzzard to be fast tracked to take production to 5 mtpa

2011-07-08 Approval of Peculiar Knob MARP and Port Pirie DA

2011-07-07 Penrhyn coal resource of 352.4 mt exceeds expectations

2011-07-06 WPG beefs up management team

2011-06-30 Grant of new MPLs for Peculiar Knob mine

2011-06-22 All major contracts for Peculiar Knob now let

2011-06-17 Purchase of land in Port Pirie

2011-06-14 Commonwealth EPBC approval received for Peculiar Knob mine

2011-06-10 JV with Evergreen Energy

2011-06-01 Penrhyn coal samples dispatched to Evergreen

2011-05-30 Market Update

2011-05-18 Port Pirie DA recommended for approval

2011-05-04 Commonwealth confirms mining and military can coexist in WPA

2011-05-03 Presentation to SAREIC conference

2011-04-29 Rail haulage agreement signed for Peculiar Knob Project

2011-04-29 March Quarterly Activities Report

2011-04-27 Appendix 3Y LSY

2011-03-30 Progress report on Penrhyn coal drilling

2011-03-30 change in substantial holding

2011-03-23 Market update – status of permitting and approvals for Peculiar Knob

2011-03-16 WPG Half Year Report Dec 2010

2011-03-16 Good drilling results at Penrhyn coal project

2011-03-09 Investor Presentation

2011-03-07 Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder

2011-03-04 S&P Rebalance

2011-03-01 Extension of key agreements for the Hawks Nest and Peculiar Knob projects

2011-02-21 Contract signed for the construction and installation of Peculiar Knob village

2011-02-15 Change in Substantial Holding

2011-02-14 Market Update – Peculiar Knob mine

2011-02-03 Strategic joint venture and investment in the clean coal sector

2011-01-31 December Quarterly Cashflow Report

2011-01-31 December Quarterly Activities Report

2011-01-27 Finance News Network interview

2011-01-14 Substantial Shareholder notice