2010-12-31 WPG Securities Trading and Trading Windows Policy

2010-12-22 Results of General Meeting

2010-12-22 Chairmans Address to General Meeting

2010-12-16 Rights Issue closes oversubscribed

2010-12-13 Design and construct contract awarded for Port Pirie iron ore storage facility

2010-12-01 Rights Issue Offer Document

2010-11-30 WPG commits to development of the Peculiar Knob iron ore project

2010-11-23 Shareholder letter Rights Issue

2010-11-22 WPG raises $85 million in new equity to finalise funding of Peculiar Knob mine

2010-11-19 Deutsche Bank commitment to US$120m facility

2010-11-18 Presentation to UBS iron ore seminar

2010-11-17 Lodgement of MARP for Peculiar Knob iron ore project

2010-11-08 Lodgement of DA for Port Pirie ore storage facility

2010-11-08 Interim Hawke Report paves way for Hawks Nest projects

2010-10-29 September Quarterly Cashflow Report

2010-10-29 September Quarterly Activities Report

2010-10-29 Notice of AGM

2010-10-29 Annual Report

2010-10-25 Deutsche Bank mandated to provide US$120m facility for Peculiar Knob

2010-10-07 Presentation to Sydney Mining Club

2010-10-00 WPG Investor Presentation Oct 2010

2010-09-30 Financial Statements

2010-09-03 Community Information Day for Port Pirie residents

2010-08-31 Chairmans address to General Meeting

2010-08-30 Purchase of land in Port Pirie for iron ore receival and transfer facility

2010-08-25 Community information day for Port Pirie residents

2010-08-24 Updated mineral resource estimates for DSO iron ore deposits

2010-08-19 Access to Hawks Nest for exploration secured for further period

2010-08-17 SA Govt agrees to Section 49 approvals process for Port Pirie facility

2010-07-31 Notice of Meeting August 2010

2010-07-30 Quarterly Cashflow Report Appendix 5B June 2010

2010-07-30 June Quarterly Activities Report

2010-07-21 Board and management additions and opening of Adelaide office

2010-07-01 Long term port access secured for export of Peculiar Knob ore

2010-06-10 Drilling results and analyses confirm pedigree of Penrhyn coal project

2010-06-07 Sale of iron ore from Peculiar Knob

2010-05-17 Peculiar Knob does not lie in core area of the WPA

2010-05-05 Adelaide conference presentation 4 May 2010

2010-04-29 March quarterly report

2010-04-16 Capital raising completed to advance Peculiar Knob mine development

2010-04-13 Final compensation agreement for Peculiar Knob mine signed

2010-04-09 Iron ore market update

2010-04-06 Progress report on tendering for Peculiar Knob development

2010-03-24 Presentation to Perth iron ore conference

2010-03-24 Defence extends Hawks Nest access agreement

2010-03-22 Drilling progress report at Penrhyn coal project

2010-03-15 Commencement of drilling at Penrhyn

2010-03-12 Half Year Financial Report

2010-03-10 Completion of Peculiar Knob drilling program

2010-02-18 Good drilling results at Peculiar Knob and program extended

2010-02-16 Exploration targets for the BIFs at Hawks Nest

2010-02-11 Commencement of tendering process for Peculiar Knob mine

2010-02-08 Drilling started at PK and Penrhyn to follow.pdf

2010-01-28 Quarterly cash flow report Append 5B Dec 09

2010-01-27 December Quarterly Activities Report

2010-01-11 Cargo logistics proposal for the export of Peculiar Knob iron ore

2010-01-04 Market Update WISCO Magnetite JV at Hawks Nest