2008-12-08 Hawks Nest Haematite BIF resource

2008-12-03 Whyalla Presentation

2008-11-26 Chairmans address to AGM

2008-11-18 Strategic South Australian Iron Ore

2008-11-10 Korea Presentation

2008-10-27 WPG 2008 Annual Report

2008-10-26 September 2008 quarterly report

2008-10-24 Port Bonython Development

2008-10-22 Notice of Annual General Meeting

2008-10-16 Port Bonython and Department of Defence

2008-10-01 Financial Statements

2008-08-06 Commencement drilling at Hawks Nest

2008-07-09 Excellent lump to fines ratio for Buzzard

2008-06-18 Port Bonython export terminal

2008-06-06 Grant of mineral lease

2008-05-06 WPG welcomes call for EOIs

2008-05-06 Resource estimates for Tui

2008-05-01 SAREIC presentation

2008-04-23 further increase in Buzzard DSO resource

2008-04-08 Scoping study completed for the Kestrel magnetite project at Hawks Nest

2008-03-10 Broker presentation

2008-03-05 Establishment of the Port Bonython bulk users group

2008-02-22 Large increase in Buzzard resource inventory